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Posted on: 12 Aug 2009, 07:30 AM Last reply on:07 Apr 2015, 10:36 AMNo. of responses: 8
07-Apr-2015: This is a twist on an old thread, so I've spliced my comments into the original discussion.

As per my Discussion (Item No. 5 in this thread), we are now thinking that it might be an idea to try to 'tack' the liner-top packer somehow OR to cut it into pieces and fish in sections rather than mill it. Milling brings complications (lots of the internals would start rotating) and we have seen an offset well take a very long time to get through.

So we are looking at specific EXPERIENCE (as opposed to opinions) from those who have successfully tackled the problem of milling a liner-top packer then a liner hanger, both with PBRs.

Many thanks

Dave Taylor


Looking to see if anyone has any experience good or bad in milling previously cemented liner hanger systems. On an upcoming slot recovery job there are concerns about Whipstocking above the liner lap because of a potentially low fracture gradient and cutting and pulling the previous casing string would require redrilling of a potentially problematic section. Milling the liner hanger (and liner lap) would allow reuse of the existing 9 5/8" shoe which is set in a highly competent formation.

System in question is a Baker UNIFLEX 7" rotating liner hanger system set in 9 5/8" casing. The fishing companies are unable to provide an example of a cemented liner hanger being milled.

All positive or negative experiences regarding milling of cemented liner hangers would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Calum MacDonald
Calum MacDonald
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